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Stockholm - Copenhagen route length:1533.547 km number of points of interest:9

Driving is a great way to experience the most exciting locations in Sweden, with its constantly changing scenery. From North to South, Sweden stretches almost 1600 km from the wilderness of the Arctic circle, in Swedish Lapland, up to the villages in the South of the country. In between, you can enjoy breathtaking views, picturesque towns, and scenic routes, enjoying the quiet Scandinavian atmosphere.

Interesting places

Stockholm is the capital and largest city of Sweden, with nearly 2 million inhabitants in its vicinity. The city consists of 14 Islands connected by some 50 bridges on lake mälaren, which flows into the brackish Baltic sea, and passes the Stockholm archipelago with some 24,000 Islands and islets. Stockholm is a cosmopolitan place with both classical and modern architecture and the charming Old town, Gamla Stan. More than 30% of the city area consists of waterways and another 30% are green spaces. Air quality is third best of the European capitals - at the Zurich, Copenhagen and Vienna. Most of the establishments are located in the centre of the city, "innerstaden", historically the zone within the city tolls. Municipality of Stockholm extends beyond the inner city, including Western and southern suburbs.
Dalsland in the Swedish traditional province, or landskap, situated in götaland County in southern Sweden. Lies to the West of lake Vänern, it is bordered by värmland to the North of Skara in South-East-Bohuslän in the West and Norway in the North-West. The province has a low population density of about 14 inhabitants/km2 and just one town of considerable size: Åmål. Total population of 50,604.[1] in an unpopulated area is characterized by dense forests in the northwestern uplands and lakes in the East, giving rise to the epithet commonly used for Dalsland, of "Sweden's lake province". The Latinized name Dalia, which is often used for the name of Dalsland in the old, even can sometimes be found.
This is the first marine national Park in Sweden in the fire of the sea and the Koster Islands; above and below the waterline about 12 000 species. This spectacular part of the archipelago is an ideal place for kayaking and Hiking. As both Islands, North Koster and Koster, essentially free from cars on the ferry from Strömstad to get to them. Local Museum "Heritage" fire on Långegärde is a popular tourist destination, where you can see and learn about life on fire over the last few centuries. From the ceiling hangs a huge jaw from a blue whale that still lives in these waters, and they even managed to find a place for the old boat, fully equipped for fishing.
Grebbestad is a city located in the municipality of Tanum, Vastra Gotaland County, Sweden. As of 2010, there were 1401 people, although this figure may increase as much as ten times during the summer. The town also has a port where most of the Norwegian lobster (in Swedish havskräfta) landed, and the oysters
Black-the sixth largest island in Sweden, situated on Sweden's West coast in the province of Bohuslän. The island area is 147 km2 and the area of the municipality is 168 km2. Population, as of 2017, was 15,774 people. Black connected on the East of the town of Stenungsund on the mainland by a bridge, is Black, and on the island of Orust in the North Skåpesund bridge. The largest city in the territory, as well as the municipal capital. Other communities, many of which are fishing communities, include Running, Kladesholmen, and Kyrkesund. Peninsula city mjörn has a large shell banks. During the summer the population swells from 15,000 to 45,000, as vacationers arrive for yachting and swimming. The territory has aguest of the harbour to accommodate boaters travelling along the Swedish West coast.
Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden, fifth largest in Scandinavia and the capital of Vastra Gotaland County. It is situated by the Kattegat, on Sweden's West coast and has a population of approximately 570,000 in the city centre and about 1 million inhabitants in the Metropolitan area. Gothenburg was founded as a fortified in the first place, the Dutch trading colony, a Royal Charter in 1621 by king Gustavus Adolphus. In addition to the generous benefits (e.g. tax breaks) given its Dutch allies due to the Thirty years war, the king also attracted a significant number of German and Scottish allies to fill it the only city on the West coast. At a key strategic location at the mouth of the river göta älv, where the largest drainage basin in Scandinavia overlooking the sea, the Port of Gothenburg is the largest port in Scandinavia. Gothenburg is home to many students as a University in the city of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of technology. The company Volvo was founded in Gothenburg in 1927. The original parent company of Volvo Group and is now a separate Volvo car Corporation still with headquarters on the island town. Other key SKF and Astra Zeneca. Gothenburg is göteborg Landvetter airport 30 km (19 mi) South-East of the city centre. The smaller airport of Gothenburg, just 15 km (9.3 mi) from the town centre was closed to regular air traffic in 2015. The city hosts the Gothia Cup, the world's largest children's football tournament, along with some of the largest annual events in Scandinavia. The Gothenburg movie festival, which will take place in January, 1979, is the leading Scandinavian film festival with more than 155 000 visitors every year. In summer, various music festivals held in the city, including the popular way out West festival.
Söderåsen national Park is the largest continuous area of protected forests in Northern Europe on the designated area of about 16 km2 (6.2 square Mi). The Park is a popular place for nature lovers who love to spend to spend an entire week Hiking, feeling completely disconnected from the modern world. The national Park was established in 2001 and is beautifully situated on a mountain ridge in the centre of skåne, approximately 40 km East of Helsingborg. The nature here is varied and offers everything from dense deciduous forests and precipices, high rocks, stream watercourses and wide views.
The øresund or Öresund bridge is a combined rail and road bridge across the øresund Strait between Sweden and Denmark. The bridge runs nearly 8 km (5 miles) from the Swedish coast to the artificial island as a national aquarium in the middle of the Strait. The transition is over 4 kilometers (2.5 Mi) tunnel Drogden from the national aquarium on the Danish island of Amager. The øresund bridge is the longest combined road and rail bridge in Europe and connects the two major Metropolitan areas: Copenhagen, the Danish capital, and malmö in Sweden. It connects the road and rail networks of Scandinavia with Central and Western Europe. The data cable also makes bridge trunk transmit Internet data between the Central Europe and Sweden (and Finland to 2016).
The Premier capital of Northern Europe is the most fantastic city in Scandinavia and in the centre of the most dynamically developing region of Europe, the Oresund region. The city is one of the oldest capitals of Europe with an exclusive Royal touch - the monarchy in Denmark is the oldest in the world. Here you will find what you need to know about the most beautiful city Copenhagen! Because of the gorgeous architecture, lots of parks, restaurants and other attractions of Copenhagen is a very popular place to be. Copenhagen was voted best city in several organizations for the preservation, sustainability and other factors.

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