Travel Planning: Meet Routbook

Travel Planning: Meet Routbook

We are pleased to announce the launch of the service RoutBook.

The idea of ​​service came after a trip to Italian Tuscany, where we had a rented car and a regular navigator in a smartphone. Within 3 weeks we explored many interesting places and cities.

At first, we traveled mainly by highways just between cities, however, once the navigator made a route through regional roads: through the mountains, through the fields, and small towns. From the mountains, stunning views opened up, fields created an indescribable atmosphere, and in small towns there were medieval castles, local restaurants and much more.

After that, we built routes, trying not to get on the highway, and see as many interesting places as possible, but it took a lot of time, which is especially valuable during the journey. Moreover, these routes were not optimal, although we found many unusual places. Knowing the best routes gives you more travel experience.

So we decided to create a service that combines the experience of travelers in the form of unique routes with a description of interesting places, live photos, real reviews and comments.

Our ambitious goals:

Combine travelers and motivate to share their routes;

Provide convenient search and filter routes;

To enable easy use of routes on any device;

To guarantee the most comfortable travel planning.

There is a long way to improve our service, in which you can participate!

If you like our project - register and share your unique routes.

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Write to us what you think about the project and what we can do to make use of the service really convenient for you.

And of course, you will help a lot by telling your friends about the RoutBook service.

Regards, RoutBook Team!